"Only a violinist, with the keen ear for how a single note can be played, manipulated, altered and strung together for dramatic effect, could skillfully apply those same senses to the written word.  This is a beautiful collection of rich colors, and vivid imagery spanning the grandiose and deeply personal."   


-Dan Haseltine (Jars of Clay/The Hawk In Paris)

“At their best, words bring us places. Ross does a beautiful job transporting his readers from one vivid place to another, with every thoughtful poem.”


-Ryan O’Neal (Sleeping at Last)

"It's a courageous thing in our noisy, crowded world to let words speak for themselves. Ross does just that in this collection of meaningful work.”


-CJ Casciotta (Founder, Sounds Like A Movement)

"Beautiful, precise, and genuine … These readings instill a curiosity and wonder at what unites humanity."


-John Tibbs

"In WORDS DO THINGS, Ross Christopher uses a familiar lyric-like form to explore personal images of desire, sorrow, enthrallment and the journey of relationship and family.  The repetitive refrains give a deliberate emphasis to the emotions Ross is hitting.  It’s clear that these poems are born out of patient waiting and wrestling - sometimes bowing to joy and other times to struggle.  Though these words clearly come from Ross’ journey, there is plenty of room to apply and project our own experiences into them.”


-Charlie Lowell (Jars of Clay/Blood:Water Mission)